Dual Celebrations with Watermelon Sorbet!


This watermelon sorbet is so easy and simple that I reckon you to try at least once. The fact that you'll need no fancy ice-cream maker to whip it will make you thank me for that. It's a beauty that watermelons come with such naturally sweet flavors and bold red colors which add up to the dreamy prettiness of this sorbet. I found it hard to keep my little toddler at bay too! Seriously!

I may not be a hunter for recipes, but I know if something's got hooked to my mind, getting it off isn't that easy till I've made it. Sort of a similar thing with this sorbet too. Having tried my hands at couple of ice-creams and fro-yos, I realized I never featured any sorbets here. Not surprising though, since I've never been a fan of ice-candies, so you'll know why I hardly make them. I have a strong inclination for ice creams so my obvious choice have always been them. But the fact is this sorbet is different from those regular ones. You'll love it if you favor your fruits, even if it means you are not a fan of sorbet.

Summers are here, the weather has been stupendously hot and watermelons are in season. They accompany us back home every time we are out on our grocery shopping. So it's not surprising we are melon freaks. They are light and refreshing. They bounce life with their naturally sweet flavor, also them making a great summer snack. They have brilliant color and textures perfect for sorbets. That's a good enough reason I should make them.

Traditionally, sorbet is a frozen dessert usually made from fruit juice with a mushy consistency. My recipe deviates from the essence of using sweetened water flavored with fruit, instead I chose to freeze the cut fruit pieces and then blitz them in a food processor. It's short-cut, healthy, low-cal and guilt free. A watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 92% water by weight, so it needs no extra water and freezes beautifully well.

Watermelon Sorbet


1 kg watermelon
1-2 tbsp sugar


Deseed and chop the watermelons to bite sized pieces. Snack on a few pieces to taste and check for their sweetness. If naturally sweet you may refrain from adding sugar. Else, add a tablespoonful or two of sugar. Squeeze juice from half a lime and toss them well. Transfer them to a freezer proof container and freeze them for at least 5-6 hours or overnight. Just before making the sorbet, remove them from freezer and allow them to sit on counter top for 3-5 minutes. Give them a blitz in a food processor till the watermelon ice cubes break to crystals, yet don't let them melt. Work quickly. Scoop them out to a serving glass and serve immediately.

This incredibly refreshing icy sorbet is just lovely. The flesh adds so much texture and helps to hold the dessert well. It's filled with goodness from fruit, has vibrance in flavor with beautiful peppy color. Easy to make and elegant to serve. Simple and delicious. Just the right thing for summer soother!

I have two celebrations going on today. My little toddler turns one this very day. Exactly a year ago, it was today she was born which brought immense joy and happiness to our lives which words can't possibly express. Secondly, my bloggy baby has turned 3. The summer of 2009 on March 15th, somewhere in the noon, I published my first post publicly. Little did I know that I would sail a long journey with my blog, which grew constantly and in every way is an identity to me and my work. Happy Birthday both my babies, I love you both!


  1. I absolutely love sorbets..u hv got such a beautiful color..
    Happy Bday 2 d lil one...
    n congrats for d blog anniversary..I wish u many more

  2. A perfect way to beat the summers!!
    It looks so divine.
    Congrats for the blog anniversary and birthday wishes for the li'l one. :)

    Round Up 1 : Cakes, Cookies and Desserts

  3. That looks lovely! Happy birthday to both babies:-)

  4. Wow, perfect treat for the celebration! Happy B'day to both the babies :)

  5. Yummy and easy sorbet. Really a very happy occasion to celebrate...:)

  6. Colors are fantastic and sorbet looks yummy! First time here. Wishing both your babies a Very Happy Birthday!!

  7. congrats happy birthday
    delicious looking sorbet

  8. congrats to you and birthday wishes 2 the little one. Its not yet sorbet weather here, but im sure looking forward 2 trying some in summer

  9. Perfect dish for the perfect occasion. Happy b'day to the cutie pies..