Kahlua Pistachio Mini Popsicles


I am just back from a short hiatus. The past two weeks have been extremely hectic for me as an official tour took me to the 'City of Pearls', Hyderabad. My weekdays were phenomenally stressful, packed with working late hours, loads of learning and deadlines I had to submit. It's a city I had heard about and visiting it for the first time was indeed exciting. I always look forward to the gastronomical adventure in most of my trips and just as I expected the Hyderabadi biriyani and Karachi biscuits did not disappoint me for sure. Of course I had limited time at hand since this was not meant to be a holiday trip... but I am not complaining!

Even as I begin to unpack my stuffs I am ready packing off for a week long planned holiday tour. It's been a travel packed month as I am looking forward to a fun packed trip to northern frontiers of our country. A distance travel, sangeet, mehandi, baaraat, marriage, bidai... meeting relatives, fun with shopping and some gastronomical delight with floats of ghee and gleam with butter in food to indulge into and more is what we are looking forward to. Delhi, Jalandhar, Amritsar is calling us for lots more.

Back in Bangalore right now the summers are here and the sun has been blazing real hot. My sunscreens, gogs and umbrellas are out of their hiding as temperatures soar high. They'll make their trip north too. Fruit juices, milkshakes and ice-creams have been ruling our menu to quench thirst. I am missing our chill winters terribly. Also my humble prayers to rain God for a few showers.

This Kahlua ice-cream was made to beat the summer heat. Sure treat for coffee lovers.

A couple of my readers have dropped me questions on how I manage to get good ice-creams without any ice-cream maker. Though I would still stress on the fact that homemade ice-creams cannot be as creamy and voluminous as store bought ones. My simple trick is to fill the ice trays with the ice-cream batter, freeze them chill and then churn them in a high speed blender/mixer. It breaks the ice-crystals easily. Transfer to another container and then you return them to the freezer. It helps to a large extent.

Kahlua Pistachio Mini Popsicles


200 ml middle fat cream
200 ml condensed milk
200 ml full fat milk
40-50 ml Kahlua (replace with strong coffee decoction instead for non alcoholic version)
2 tbsp chopped Pistachios
Sugar adjusted to taste


Combine condensed milk along with the full fat milk. I do this in a mixie. Whip the middle fat cream to soft peaks. I used Milky Mist here. Add this to the whipped milk. Give a quick whizz. Add in the Kahlua. Replace with strong coffee decoction instead for non alcoholic version. Taste and adjust sugar to your taste.

Transfer this to ice trays and freeze them for 2-3 hours. Once almost set, transfer the ice-cream to a mixie and give a quick whizz till the ice cream is creamy. Transfer to the ice cream tray again and repeat twice. In the final churn add the pistachios and mix well. Transfer to popsicle moulds if available. You may also transfer to regular freezer proof containers and serve like regular ice cream.

I hope this ice cream brings smiles on your faces. It's super simple, easy-peasy and makes up a great treat. Simple to remember recipe with ingredients in equal quantities. Do try it sometime and be prepared for accolades to follow :) Hope you have some soothing moments with this treat while I shall be back with more next week.


  1. This is a very informative post. The photos are mouthwatering. Yum!

  2. looks like u had an amazing vacation! this recipe is simply awesome. i think i will try it with coffee so my kids can try it too :)

  3. These look truly beautiful. I have been really into pistachios lately. I made a pistachio and rose petal cinnamon cake yesterday :)

  4. Those pops look very pretty..perfect for these hot summers

  5. wonderful and tempting popsicles. Nicely done

  6. Amazing dear. I too make ice candies in the tray and have it whenever I want.Lovely post.

  7. wow....
    pops look wonderful and very tempting :)

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  9. this is really awesome recipe. I am your new follower now