Peanut Chutney Powder


I made this quite a while ago but I don't know why I had been procrastinating on this one. It just sat in the corner of my drafts and though every time I thought of posting it other recipes caught my attention. I finally decided to put this recipe here, least I forget and it goes into hiding.

A while ago I had posted the recipe for a quick instant evening snack, Corn & Mint GuLiappa along with which I served this lip smacking peanut chutney powder. I promised then that I would share this recipe with you in the following post, but that didn't happen. So here it comes. This recipe is quite simple and comes from my mom and hope you too love it the way we do. It goes well with dosas, idlis and other breakfast dishes, as well pairs well with steaming hot rice and dollop of ghee.

Peanut Chutney Powder


1 cup Peanuts
2 tsp. Red chilly powder
3-4 Cloves of garlic
1 tiny piece of tamarind
Salt to taste


Dry roast the peanuts along with cloves of garlic on a medium low flame till the skin turns to a darker color and the garlic is dry (has no moisture left). Let it to cool for a few minutes. Using the palms of your hand or placing peanuts between two towels, rub them to remove the skin. Grind the roasted peanuts, the roasted garlic along with chilli powder, tamarind and salt to taste till its powdered. You can leave tiny flecks of peanuts in there if you want a slight crunch. I prefer to grind it to a fine powder and serve it with a dollop of fresh ghee. Use as is or serve with ghee or dahi.


  1. Love to have this chutney powder with anything, that too with rice topped with ghee,omg love this.

  2. Wow... interesting powder. And I love that main u have there.. makes me wonder what it is! Is that Muddhe (as it is called in Bangalore)? Looks tempting :)

  3. what lovely and yummy powder:)
    Love the pictures!!

  4. Wow! That's a beautifully presented chutney powder. So simple and easy. I love the way you write your posts, have read through your previous posts and you are so expressive in your words. And no doubts, your photographs are eye candy and beautiful too. Well done and keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Mallika!
    Thank you for visiting my bog. I have seen your blog earlier and it's absolutely beautiful! Love your photos.
    Since you don't have a picture I can't really recall your face from the Infy talk :) Quite surprised with the Havyaka connection! lol...

    Will keep in touch and hopefully meet you again soon!

  6. hey Mallika...thnx for this recipe my husband has been asking for this chutney powder from long time. bookmarked

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  8. Thanks Neha for visiting. Glad you loved my space. :)

  9. Lovely pictures.Love to have it with hot rice topped with ghee

  10. Tasty! A wonderful powder and lovely pictures.