Skinny Olive and Baby corn Pizza


I called off a day yesterday, pushed aside several other routines and decided maybe I should neaten up my home a little. For a long while things have been messy, stuffs piling up, cobwebbed corners overlooked, clutter sidelined, wardrobes stuffy with my kiddos toys accumulating by numbers and I have just been ignoring them all. Then couple of days ago I walked into my kitchen in sleepy eyes to fetch some water and got alarmed seeing some creepy little creatures invading my kitchen. I spent that night attacking them and fighting through. So I spent an entire yesterday to rip my kitchen in fit of cleaning every bit of that mounting mess. Oh yes, I get such bouts of springing into a cleaning freak once a while and I do that job quite well!

I put an incredible amount of effort to wipe the dusty corners spic and clean, scrubbed the chimney vent to eternity, unsettled the jars and bottles, refilled and stacked them neatly and discarded all the expired stuff. Before I knew, it was noon already and I realized I hadn’t even got half way through. I started off with the kitchen and had plans to neaten my entire apartment before the evening, but I had spent more than half the day just settling the unsettled things in my kitchen. Then there was the refrigerator that needed a thorough scan. I pulled out several stuffs, of which came some cheeses, flours, yeast, left over baby corns from our last grocery shopping, bottle of black olives, few sachets of sauces, seasonings, etc., etc., etc… all perfect for a pizza I think. After a quick check for expiries, I put them to submission for a pizza I had on my mind for our late lunch. While the dough was left rising, the refrigerator was wiped clean and there was the happier me.

Thanks to that spring-cleaning, I have this skinny pizza for you today. Skinny, because its thin crust and par-baked on low heat on an Indian tava and then topped with homemade sauce, vegetables and cheese and baked to finish. It has good dose of vegetables with onions, baby corn and black olives, but is scanty on cheese (I told you right about the cleaning!), not really how a traditional pizza should be, but then who cares if it’s delicious and it’s healthy.

Skinny Olive and Baby corn Pizza


For the dough base:

Follow the recipe here or use a store bought thin crust pizza base

For the homemade sauce:

Click on the recipe here or use a store bought pizza sauce

For the toppings:

4-6 baby corns vertically slit into quarters
½ cup black olives, chopped
1 onion, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
Italian seasoning


For a thin crust pizza, roll out the pizza dough as thin as possible, about ¼ - ½ inch thick. Allow it to sit on the counter for 10 mins. Heat up the tava / iron griddle on lowest flame. Cook the pizza on each side, flipping over to ensure the pizza is par cooked on both the sides. Remove and let it cool.

Place the pizza on the pizza tray. Top with homemade tomato sauce and slather it evenly. Top with diced onions, baby corn slices and black olives. Sprinkle generous amounts of cheese and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 deg C for 15-20 minutes or till the cheese melts and the edges of pizza brown. Serve hot.


  1. Love thin crust pizzas very much, i want a slice rite now.

  2. Nice toppings, i just love thin crust crispy pizza...

  3. I always enjoy thin crust pizza more than those thick ones. Good fo you to take a day off and clear out the mess :)

    1. Oh yeah, day off helps. But the mess never seems to go away!

  4. I could imagine myself going on a cleaning spree if I were to spot those creatures myself. Yuck!

    This pizza is a great redemption for all the hard work. Yum!

  5. Bangaloreans are by default foodie according to me..Only very few are there who are not..And if they are foodie there are enormous option for them to taste a variety of foods..