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Welcome to Veg Bowl!

Veg Bowl is all about our love for life and simple home cooked food. The website revolves around good food, mostly vegetarian, many vegan and eggless too, associated musing that inspire cooking and recipes to please families at the dining table. It's about love for food, the care for cooking, inspirations from many and affection to feed all hearts content. It's about cooking daily food to those occasional indulgences, of odd experiments in kitchen, of the girl with a heavy sweet tooth, of hard-to-resist baking desire, of musings and budding passion for photography. Welcome to Veg Bowl. Born a vegetarian, I prefer being that way. People often ask, "How do you manage to be a vegetarian?" Most common statement, "Oh you guys don't have variety to eat." Well, Veg Bowl is partly an answer to that. There's so much variety that you will run out of a lifetime to try them all! For the love of food and discovering the joy of cooking, this blog was created with an intention of sharing what we eat everyday. To tell all, that being or going vegetarian is so much fun and easy!

A little about me...

Allow me to introduce you to myself. I am Mallika. I live with my family in the beautiful IT corridor of India, in namma Bengaluru or our Bangalore. Other than being a full time working IT professional, you'll find me meddling around in the kitchen, cooking, reading, photographing, blogging, etc. I juggle through my professional work life and personal passions by squeezing in time for cooking, scuffle in a bit of baking, a little photography, blogging and loads of eating! ;) I am complete foodie in true sense! We pretty much lived a nomadic life, travelling places during my growing up years and that's where a lot of my influences in food come from. Apart from just recipes, there are huge bunch of memories I share, about my life, my upbringing, of long tell tales, musing and short anecdotes, all associated with food. My space is fueled by my love for food, travel, my culture, my childhood, things surrounding me, the influences I have had on our lifestyle and food. In my posts you may find stories, and these stories paint a pretty good picture of my life. Take some time, read through and you'll get to know me better! The recipes I feature here are mostly vegetarian with an exception of eggs I use in desserts and gelatin I used in Marshmallows. Many good recipes can be adapted to be vegan and/or gluten free and/or dairy free. I like using mostly local fetch and often love to cook with whole, unprocessed ingredients. At times, a bit of a gamble into imported ingredients is permitted, but I like to keep them limited.

What's in my Truffle?

While you'll notice my name on most of my photos, I reserve to use MD to address myself on blogs. I am not so comfortable with the thought of my name or photo hovering over the net. The above picture of the chocolate truffle is one of my all time favorites and my chosen identity too.

Eggs & Veg food?

Though being a vegetarian, you will notice the use of eggs in my desserts. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and hence dairy and eggs in the recipes have not been eliminated totally from our diet. While I would love to avoid them, I have little choice with the alternatives available. I have restricted the use of eggs in dessert recipes only. Being a vegetarian, you will come across mostly vegetarian food on my site.

Please do not copy!

Just a humble request! All content on Veg Bowl is copyrighted with All Rights Reserved. Every photograph and text on this blog is my work, unless otherwise indicated with due credit to the source. Please do not copy. Kindly ask before using. If you do use it for non commercial purpose, please give credit. Immense amount of valuable time, energy and resource goes into writing a blog. Right from cooking, presentation, photographing several shots, sorting, editing content and several other background work that goes into each post, I would be glad if you appreciate the efforts taken. Please refrain from copying from Veg Bowl. If you require any information or would like to use my work, please contact me on thevegbowl[at]gmail[dot]com for prior permission. I will do my best to respond to you at the earliest.

Love to hear from you...

Its been over 6 years here, yet I am still exploring and enjoying the facets of blogging world. I am open to restaurant and product reviews and have done them before, so call out to me if you do think it connects with food. I hope everyone who stumbles this site will like it. Do feel free to post your comments, suggestions and feedback. It will be most valuable. Mail me at thevegbowl[at]gmail[dot]com or to make it simpler for you, just use Mail Me to drop a line or two. It will be most welcome. I hope you like this space. Wishing all happy reading, cooking, eating and feeding... after all this blog is about love for life and simple good food!