Homemade low-fat chocolates!

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Homemade low-fat chocolates! Does low-fat make you feel happy? Chocolates are considered to be high calorie foods. What a delight would it be to be able to consume your favorite choco snack and still not feel that guilt? I do admit that everytime I have consumed a bar of chocolate, I feel guilty, as if I let the germs attack my precious dents and have allowed another few ounces of fat to be collected around my waistline. Now considering that everyone wants to live the healthier way and still not compromise on eating, I have my version of home-made chocolates which are a great treat and low in calories.

Splenda/ 1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup milk powder (an alternate for cream)
3 tbsp bitter cocoa powder
50 gms low salt butter (You may use unsalted butter and add a pinch of salt)

Mix sugar, cocoa and milk powder. Melt butter and add the above dry mixture and heat on medium-low flame. Add a little milk or cream to the above to achieve desired consistency. Mix and fold in thoroughly to get a smooth velvety mixture. Chocolate should be ready once it begins to stick stiffly to the back of the spatula. Remove from the gas and transfer the molten mass to a well greased pan immediately. Set in refrigerator to freeze. Cut to cubes after the molten mass is set.


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