Turai ki Subzi

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Just a week ago, my hubby dear cooked a fabulous dish out of ridgegourd, commonly called as Turai in Hindi. This came as a surprise to me as he is a complete novice when it comes to cooking. He can barely make tea or heat milk and that's it! So you can imagine, how amiably I was surprised as I was greeted home from work with the aromas from the kitchen lingering around the house. I asked him how he managed to make such an elaborate curry painstakingly (I believe he ground the spices before cooking this). With a gleam in his eyes, he said it was the magic of technology... the internet! I am sure he must have spent hours making this! I am still wondering what spices went into it as it tasted mild and very flavoursome. I managed to capture it on my camera before I indulged in it!


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