Like every other Indian home, Phulkas or rotis are staple even at my home, especially since my in-laws hail from North India. It's so basic that without it, the meal seems incomplete. Back home, amma makes phulkas almost everyday for breakfast with either a dry or gravy subzi. As kids, she would pack the same meal for our lunch box as they were not just healthy, but also mess free and easy to handle. This is similar to bread, but more healthier as it uses wheat flour. These unleavened Indian breads are dry and healthy as they are fairly oil free, made of just flour and water. I know it's too basic to probably share the recipe for rotis and phulkas, but I thought it would still be good idea to share the recipe and steps for those beginners and bachelors who get goosebumps just by the thought of making it!

For the ones wondering what's the difference between rotis and phulkas, here's the answer. Ingredients are basically the same for both. Phulkas are thin disks of rolled and flattened dough, which are par-cooked on a heated tava/griddle and then on an open flame to puff well, while Rotis are cooked only on heated griddle on both the sides, generally using a cloth to pat the par cooked dough gently to let the steam build up between the two thin layers, resulting it to puff up. I am sharing the steps for both roti and phulka here.



2.5 cups wheat flour
1 cup water
A little wheat flour for dusting
Salt (if you prefer)
1 tsp ghee/clarified butter (if you prefer)


For every 2.5 cups wheat flour add 1 cup water. Salt can be added or avoided as per your preference. It doesn't really make much difference as the curry served with it compensates the requirement. Knead well to make a dough. While kneading, if the dough is too sticky, add more dough. Leave it covered with a damp cotton cloth for about 30 minutes. Rotis are traditionally made in a cast iron skillet which is oiled.

In a large plate take some wheat flour for dusting the dough while rolling it out. Using the rolling pin, take a large lemon sized dough and roll it out in a circle of about 6 inches. Dust the dough if it sticks to the rolling pin. Once rolled out, place it on the hot iron skillet. Turn it over the moment you see small bubbles forming. Wait another 30 secs to a minute till the other side is partially cooked. Now turn it over again. Using a padded cotton cloth, press on the rotis to cook well. You should see that the roti will now rise, similar to a balloon with hot air :). Remove from the skillet. Brush the roti with ghee for enhanced taste.

To make phulkas, the steps remain almost the same. When the rolled dough is transferred to the tava/skillet, wait till the moment when you see small bubbles forming on the top. Turn it over the moment you see small bubbles forming. Wait another 30 secs to a minute till the other side is partially cooked. Now remove the par-cooked roti from tava and roast it directly over the flame till it puffs up well. Cook both the sides by flipping over. Be brisk and careful not to burn or char them. Remove and serve hot with curry.


  1. am glad you posted this..very helpul for people like me who is yet to get make a perfect roti.

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  3. Wow, thats a soft and perfect pulkahs...picture looks awesome:)

  4. Perfect phulkas! Can I come over to have some??

  5. Perfect Phulkas, bumped into your blog thru bakeoff event...nice picture too..

  6. Hi M D, Thanks for visiting us at collaborative curry :-) You have a wonderful space here and I'm so happy to follow you :D
    Phulkas look so perfect and yumm

  7. Thanks A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine and Gulmohar. I am glad that u guys loved my space.

  8. i've only eaten rotis once--one of my co-workers made them for us and i'm quite sure that mine would never be as delicious as hers or yours. thanks for the step-by-step!

  9. Rotis and Phulkas are so basic to us Indians. You should surely try these, probably add a big dollop of butter to make them truly delicious!

  10. Hi MD

    I have just visited your blog and it looks lovely. The recipes look simple but yummy.

    Your Rotis made me think about my trip to the Mauritius Island where I ate in a real Indian restaurant and where we were served lots of appertizers and side dishes along with Rotis. I’ll bookmark your recipe and will make it for my Indian-style diner.

  11. Hey, thanks Natalya! And should you require any help in kitchen while making these, drop an email... for e-Help!!! :D

  12. Perfect Phulkas you got there :) Wonderful and useful post for newbies in cooking.