Heerekai PoDi | Heerekai Bajji

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Podis are quite traditional to Konkanis. It's commonly called Bajji in Kannada or Bhajias in Hindi. A slight difference would be the use of rice flour and hing. These are made by various veggies and are often enjoyed as side bites in a South Indian meal. Although I am not really fond of bajjis, I do relish them once in a while. My way out eating them may not be liked by many. I discard the fried chickpea covering and enjoy the vegetable alone.

Heerekai PoDi


1 heerekai/ ridge gourd
1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup besan/ chickpea flour
1 tsp chilly powder
A generous pinch of hing
Salt to taste
Oil to fry


Slice ridge gourd to rounds of half a cm thick. Dissolve hing in a tsp of water. Mix chilly powder, rice flour, besan (chickpea flour), hing and salt. Add water to make a fairly thick paste. Add water if you like thin, which means lesser coating on the slices. Add rice flour if the mix is too thin. Dip the ridge gourd slices one by one and coated them on both the sides.

Heat oil in a kadai/fry pan till it sizzles. Put few slices, one at a time, giving enough space for the slices to get fried in oil not allowing them stick to each other. Turn the slices upside down and fry till both the sides are crisply fried.

Remove and drain the oil on a kitchen towel. Serve as a snack with tea or with a meal. Enjoy!


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