Mango Yogurt

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Summers always bring joy to Indian families. Apart from the regular summer vacations that kids enjoy, it's a family bonding time too. This is the time to make trips to meet family and friends who are miles away or to eagerly await for guests to be home. And this is something which we loved too!

Whenever we had relatives come over for vacation, amma would take every effort to make them feel homely and comfortable. Since it is the mangoes season, there was a sure treat for them with mangoes. We commonly had mango rasayana at home... you can say almost everyday.

What can be a better way to treat yourself this summer with mangoes and yogurt. Mango yogurt is a perfect way to soothe your heart and soul!

Mango Yogurt


200 gms thick curd/yogurt
75 gms sugar
Puree/Pulp of 1 mango
2 drops of vanilla essence


Pulp / puree the mango. I like it roughly pulpy as I like to bite into pieces of mango. If you prefer smooth, then pulp the mango. Beat yogurt with sugar till smooth. Add the pulp and fold well. Finally add the vanilla essence. Vanilla brings out the flavor of mango and hence enhances the flavor of the dish.

This recipe is just with mangoes and yogurt. Mango yogurt mousse also made in a similar way, but with gelatin. Gelatin is mixed with warm water, added to the above and allowed to set. Garnish with fresh mango slices. Mango mousse is ready to be served.


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