Havyaka lunch


I have come across many bachelors and friends who crave eating a simple home cooked meal. Dal-Chawal, anna-saaru, they say. I have been through similar moments during the time I lived single. Every time I came back home from college, tired and torn by the day's activities, one thing that I would look forward to was fulfilling my hungry tummy. Those were the days when I was staying alone by myself. Just a morsel of good home cooked food was what I craved for. The thought of going to the kitchen and cooking a meal for myself was good on mind, but was lethargic too. Or I guess, it was the boredom to eat all alone. But of course, I would make them at home on weekends... that meant treating myself.

Every time, I went home for vacation, it meant feasting myself on amma's food. Amma's food is just unbeatable. Just the thought would make me yearn to go back home, sit on the table and relish the hot food that comes out of the kitchen to the table, lovingly cooked and fed by amma. A simple home food can not only be healthy, but more satisfying and fulfilling. Today, I appreciate the care and efforts that she took to feed us lovingly every single day without any qualms. I know what it means to cook a full meal, to be careful that it is healthy, tasty, filling and lovingly fed.

I am sharing with you my plate of lunch made over the weekend. A full meal, the Havyaka way with Hesaru KaLu Kai HuLi, Bendekai palya, Eerulli gojju served with rice and homemade amTekai uppinakai. Uddin happala and curd may be missing in this pic, but is definitely a part of this meal! And to end with a sweet note, nothing can be better than Shavige payasa.