Cantaloupe/Musk Melon Smoothie

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Sometimes, some of the best things in life are just to relax and pamper the self at home. Plunge into the couch, grab a cushion, read a book with a soothing good music playing in the background... they can give so much happiness than anything else. It can transform a low spirit to a happy heart. And along with this, a good partner to chit chat with and enjoy a nice lemonade or a slush or even a hot cup of tea! Wow! Why can't I do this everyday? I wish I could! Our hectic lifestyle leaves us with little time to spend moments like these, but this is something which I thoroughly enjoy and would love to do whenever possible.

This is exactly what I did this weekend. Relax and revive! Adding to this, it was fun as I got back to my artistic skills of painting after a long time. My skills had almost scraped away and got rusted as I hadn't got to sketching or painting for a very long time. Now after a year or more, and after constant push by my hubby, I thought I had to revive my passion again and that's exactly what I did.

On the food side, I made a Smoothie from Cantaloupe or what we commonly call as Musk Melon in India. This round melon with a netted, often ridged rind and aromatic orange flesh is an excellent coolant and will surpass any other smoothie drink on a bright sunny day. Strangely, I am not really fond of this as a fruit by itself. But I thoroughly enjoy it in fruit salads, milkshakes, as an ice cream, or simply mashed with a little honey or sugar. The brilliant flavors of cardamom add to the distinctive taste.

Cantaloupe/Musk Melon Smoothie


1 Cantaloupe/Musk Melon, cut to pieces
A little ice cold milk/cream
1 tbsp sugar or to taste
1 pod cardamom, freshly ground


Wash and remove the skin of the melon fruit. Scoop the seeds out and cut into pieces. Blend the cut melon pieces with little chilled milk/cream and sugar till it's well pureed. Musk Melon has a mild and melt in mouth taste. When blended it becomes smooth.

Add a little freshly ground cardamom powder and serve in glasses. Add a little more cardamom powder for garnishing. Enjoy this refreshing drink.

For the summer fast approaching, the days getting hotter. With the onset of summer here, I am sending this coolant drink to Madhuri of Cook-Curry Nook who is hosting an event, Summer Soothers I: ‘Juices, Shakes, Smoothies' for this month.

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  1. Luv the cantoloupe smoothie here. Beautifully presented. Ya truly said, some simple delights definitely make us feel more relaxed.