Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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I have a simple post today. Nothing much on my thoughts to pen down. I am back from a short, but adventurous holiday break and it feels great to unwind and refresh during the trip. Wish to have more of these often. Some simple pleasures are truly adorable!

Pumpkins have never worked well with me. Neither as a dessert nor in a curry. Apart from the Pumpkin Walnut Bread, which was certainly loved and adored by all, they haven't suited our tastes much though. I rarely bring them and whenever I do, they last for months in my freezer, finally ending to throw away half of it. I have almost stopped bringing them home. It's like a resolution. Pains to see so much of it being wasted.

One recent occasion saw me bringing pumpkin home again. Don't blame me - it's a temptation to buy when the prices hit low! The nearby store has a routine Wednesday sale on vegetables and fruits. So I ensure that I fill my crates and baskets to the brim every time I shop here on Wednesdays. As I unpacked the stuffs back home, I could see the dire look on my husband's face as he stared at that yellow vegetable as an evil thing.

I hoped to use them in pumpkin pies or make muffins, but even this time we were not in a mood for pumpkins. We need to kind of mentally prepare ourselves to enjoy yellow pumpkins. Wondering why! I doubt these can ever be my good friend! I ended up discarding a lot of it this time too and have resolved never to bring them again. Well, not even for an attempt!

Although, I did enjoy this simple roasted pumpkin seeds which I made a couple of days ago. Simple and nutty. Good for a lazy evening or a simple snack to munch on.

Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Seeds from one pumpkin
Salt to taste
Chilli powder to taste


Cut the yellow pumpkin to half. De-seed the pumpkin carefully. It can be very slimy to hold. So scoop them to a bowl. Tender seeds taste the best. Remove aged seeds if possible. They may be hard and too nutty to chew on.

Next, wash them thoroughly in running water till the slimy flesh on the seeds are removed. It may take some time, but it is worth the effort. Allow them to dry.

On a roasting pan, spread the pumpkin seeds and roast them on medium-low flame till they are lightly golden brown and crisp. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Season with salt and chilli powder to taste. You may also bake them in oven on 180 deg C for about 15 mins, tossing them on between.

They make a great healthy snack to munch on. Enjoy a healthy treat!


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