Strawberry Muffin Biscotti


I recently made a batch of Strawberry Muffins again. A pot of strawberry preserve was almost seeing it's end and what could have been a better way for me than using them in muffins? Well, this time it wasn't butter-less, but yet low in fat as I substituted butter to vegetable oil. A kind of an experiment with cooking, which worked good. Blame it on my fridge which had no stock of butter as we used them all for breakfast breads! I had made quite a lot, which seemed to be lasting for a few days.

I don't generally enjoy eating the same over a period of days. As we usually get bored, it was the same case with these muffins as well. We loved them for a day or two, but then it seemed to last in the fridge for longer this time. So instead of discarding these precious sweet treats, I made muffin biscottis out of these.

I removed them from the fridge during the mid-day. Allowed them to come to room temperature and baked them early evening for our tea. As these were being baked, we could smell the warmth coming from the soft scented vanilla and fruity strawberry, gently drifting through the house, ditto like freshly baked biscuits right out of oven. As they cooled, they crisped well. Every gentle bite into these were wonderfully crusty, fresh and invigorating. Perfect to enjoy during our tea time.

No one can say these were made from left over muffins. Why don't you give them a try too?

Strawberry Muffin Biscotti


About 4-5 strawberry muffins
A little oil or butter to wax the baking tray


Gently remove the muffins from their paper cover base. Slice them thinly to about 1/2 cm or 0.2 inches thins if you prefer crisp biscotti, or about 1 cm thick if you want chewy treats.

Lightly oil the base of baking tray. You may avoid this step if required. Spread the muffin wafers on the tray. You can place them close and side by side as these won't rise any further. Bake them for 10 mins, more or less (depending on your oven) till the biscotti have browned lightly.

These simple and easy biscotti go really well with tea or evening coffee. Crisp and light, so easy that they can be done in less than 10 mins.


  1. Great idea! Will try this out!

  2. Thanks Suma. Do let me know if how they turned out to be.