Wishing all a Happy Ram Navami. Today being Ram Navami, I bring forward this sweet & spicy, yet refreshing drink called Paanaka, which is a must along with Kosumbari or an Usli served on this festival day. Having celebrated Ugadi on the 15th of this month, but not having published a post with a traditional recipe for that festivity did leave me with a guilty feel. To compensate, I promised myself that I would come back with a traditional recipe for Ram Navami.

Ugadi signifies the beginning of a new calender, the Hindu New Year. Ram Navami is celebrated to signify the birthday of Lord Ram and falls on the 9th day from Ugadi. While in North India, the festival lasts for nine days, beginning from day of Hindu New Year and ending on this day, called as the Navratras. Fasting is observed all along these 9 days. Contrary to North, South India observes feasting ;) Especially in Karnataka, Ram Navami is observed very ritualistically in all pomp and glory in most temples with various programs ranging all nine days.

The delicious spread of prasad generally offered by temples to it's devotees consists of a ginger-pepper drink called Paanaka/Panankam and a green gram salad called Kosumbari, which is most common in Bangalore. Back in my native, most temples offer Channa Usli or Green gram Usli along with Paanaka, which is a must for this occasion. For today, I am sharing our favorite Paanaka here.



1 tbsp jaggery
1 cup water
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder


Dissolve jaggery well in water. Then, add the cardamom powder, pepper powder and ginger powder and blend them all into it. Simple and easy. This drink is not just refreshing and good, but also healthy with medicinal properties.

Ginger and pepper have been known to possess immense medicinal values from long. Jaggery is pure and unrefined sugar made from molasses and is also known to possess high nutritive values. This drink has medicinal properties that is excellent for throat infections.

I love to see those settled ginger and pepper powder at the bottom of my glass. Shake it well before you sip! It's common to use watermelon or musk melon pulp for thickness and added flavor.

A simple, healthy, sweet and spicy drink in celebration of Ram Navami. My wishes to all again!

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