Mulberry Muffins


I must have crossed this place so many times earlier, but never been able to purchase something 'fruitful' really. All owing to the exorbitant costs of imported fruits, I would only glare, probably give a second glance and walk past by it! I recently had a trip again to this place... it's a simple shack-like fruit shop on Brigades that I am referring to.

I am left mused on many of my visits here. More often have I seen a wide variety of fruits arranged in an orderly manner, all tempting to be purchased in a lot. Colored grapes and berries, deep red gleaming apples, bright citrus-y fruits, earthy melons, figs, rosy strawberries, not to forget the kiwis too... it's a pure pleasure to see an assortment of inviting fruits, many of which I may have probably not seen or known. I love to see how these fruits adorn this stall! This time too I was mused. And I had a reason. I picked up some of these. I was all ecstatic to see a box of berries sitting at my favorite counter in this fruit shop.

I picked two packs of it (at a good price of course!) and was curious to know where it came from. Inquisitively, I put the question across to him if they were blackberries. And he nodded saying yes. As I inquired more, I learnt that these were Indian produce and not imported ones. Glad! I would have probably paid double otherwise. I was hunting for some blueberries, but instead got some blackberries :). These were not imported berries, but our own Indian yields from Mahabaleshwar.

As I walked back I knew what to make of it. I was glad I could get hold of these berries which had been grabbing my attention for long now. A little disappointed though, as I have been on lookout for blueberries and haven't been able to get hold of them yet :(. No complaints :). These berries were small, ripe and easily squishy, probably from wild produce. They seemed to rot easily, had I not used them at the earliest. I managed to whip up my longing recipe for Blueberry muffins... ooops, Blackberry muffins ;) Finally! Sigh! I breath relief!!!

I did a frantic search on good recipes for blackberries. On few such searches, I learnt that blackberries are deceptively similar to mulberries. As I did more searches, I discovered what I had at hand was mulberries and not blackberries. I felt a little cheated too. :( Mulberries are commonly grown in Mahabaleshwar along with other produces like strawberries, litchis, apples, etc. I am feeling more confident about making various egg-free versions these days as I have been fairly successful in my recent expeditions with them :D So I have made this recipe egg-free.

Mulberry Muffins


1 cup all-purpose flour (100 gm + 25 gm)
1/3 cup sugar (approx. 45 gm)
1/2 cup fresh mulberries
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 cup vegetable oil (35 ml)
3/4 cup low fat milk (90 ml)
1 tbsp dry milk powder (20 gm)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

I prefer cup recommendations any day as to me it is much easier than gram measurements. I like to eyeball my ingredients than actual measurements. That's what makes it 'my' characteristic recipe.

Substitute vegetable oil to butter for a richer tasting muffins. Nothing can beat the richness butter imparts to these baked goods. Butter enhances flavors, unless you want to go low on them for health reasons.


Preheat oven to 180 deg C. Line muffin pan with paper liners.

Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, soda and salt. Make a well in the center and keep it aside.

Mix a tablespoonful of milk powder to a cup of warm milk. Dissolve well. Add 1 tbsp of plain flour (taken from the cup measurement of flour) to it. Heat it through till it thickens. This is the egg-replacer being used and it worked fantastic in this recipe!

Next mix in the oil and vanilla extract to it. Pour into the dry mixture and mix till just combined. Gently fold in the mulberries. I squished a few for flavors and color. Using a spoon, divide the batter equally into the muffin cups. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted comes out clean.

Lightly dust the muffins with some icing sugar and top each muffin with a fresh mulberry fruit. Serve warm!

I am so glad the way these muffins turned out. My dad is a staunch vegetarian and consuming eggs is a big NO-NO for him. The muffins were not too sweet, so my family loved these moist and delicious treats. I got thumbs up from all. Dad relished it the most and that made me happy! I regret, I made very few. I got about 6 large muffins from 1 cup measuring approximately 125 gm. I'm not a big fan of frosting on cupcakes and muffins. I somehow enjoy them as is, especially warm and fresh out of the oven. They're practically bursting with flavors, mild yet significant.


  1. Mulberry is not in season here...gotta wait for another couple of months.
    These muffins are a heavenly treat!

  2. brigade now i am missing blore,.;-(

  3. hi...they look so beautiful...while growing up this was the only berry avialable back home in kerala n' we used pluck them right off the tree n'eat so many...

    wud you believe...before moving to bahrain we were in bangalore n' my favorite corner in the whole of bangalore has to be that fruit shop...amidst all that commotion n' crowd on brigade road that fruit shop looks so lively n' colorful...i have moved abroad n' i still get only imported berries here n' they are still so expensive...this recipe on the whole has your signature on it...:D..i just love all your pics too...

  4. dear vegbowl
    some awards are waiting for u at my blog..Please stop by to collect them

  5. Thanks Subhashini. Glad u liked it.

    Angie, I guess u can substitute any berry of ur choice and rename the recipe! LOL!

  6. Notyet100 and Miri, I think Brigade is the most loved place by most of us :) For me, it's the Nilgiris, this Fruit shop and Amoeba gaming zone that I love!

  7. I missed it :(...
    I wil wait for the Blueberries

  8. Awesome gal!! Look so very delicious!! Why don't we make a food bloggers colony in Bangalore? Can keep sharing everything we dish up (and grow fatter:-)) LOL!

    Am yet to learn eyeballing measures, great going Mallika!

  9. I like cup measurements too..very easy for anyone in the world to follow..Cause folks in Europe and asia understand grams and Kg while I only follow pounds and very frustrating..So cups and teaspoons rock my world!
    Love the muffins..splendid with Indian blackberries.
    Just found out your name is Mallika from the previous comment..Nice name! I love Malligai Flowers and miss that the most..I don't get it in the Northeast USA.

  10. Mallika,

    Mullberry muffins looks really great. I haven't tasted mulberry from the looks i think it taste like black berry.

  11. Lovely muffins..looks so perfect...

  12. Mulberries bring back lot of nostalgia in me...:-) muffins look awesome

  13. I jumped out of my seat when I saw mulberries! these are grown in Lebanon and much much loved! Last summer I made a pudding with some mulberry syrup and a cake with mulberries in the middle; never saw muffins and these sound great! will remember them when mulberries are in season !

  14. I am craving for those muffins now :-( WOW!!! beautiful pics. It looks soo delicious. thanks for sharing it malika. I have an award waiting for you in my site. Come and collect it.

  15. Thanks Prani for remembering and honoring me with award :)

    Hey Deepz, I'll make a fresh batch of Blueberry muffins for u, but on one condition... fetch me some Blueberries please!!!

    Suma, that's a good thought. I would love to be a part of it ;) We have pinned plans to meet up sometime, hope that's happening soon! ;)

  16. I like cup measurements, Cool Lassi(e). I am in the same dilemma with gm and pound measurements as you are. I like to play safe with cup measurements hence!

    Swathi, mulberries look very similar to blackberries. I am not sure if they are similar in tastes as I have not tasted blackberries yet.

    Panchpakwan, Gulmohar and Preety, thank you so much for appreciating the muffins :)

  17. Tasteofbeirut, nice to know that mulberries are grown in Lebanon too. Would love to look forward to some Lebanon recipes :)

    Shriya, congratulation and thanks for sharing the award with me :) I am being showered with so many awards today!

  18. muffins looks delicious, awesome clicks.

  19. Mulberry muffins look fabulous, we are planning a trip to mahabaleshwar got to buy loads of strawberries and blackberries from there :D

  20. Thanks Malar for your kind words.

    Parita, I am going through a J-factor as u are saying this! A trip to Mahabaleshwar... Lucky u! Have a great trip and looking forward to hearing more on the trip (and probably many recipes) too on ur blog!

  21. I never tasted Mulberry-i guess It should be like blackberries! This muffins look adorable!

  22. ces muffins sont succulents, une magnifique recette que je vais noter
    bonne journée

  23. The muffins look divine !! Thanx for sharing this eggless recipe , i'l bake these for my parents wenevr i visit them nxt .
    The mulberry reminds me of childhood days , we had a huge mulberry tree in our backyard , & mom used to finely chop these n mix up in vanilla icecream to make Shehtoot ( Mulberry in Hindi ) icecream , n pureed ones for popsicles ...... Ahhh memories revived .

  24. Looks great with wonderful fruit. Has come out so perfect. Mallika I always adore ur photos dear :). Nice clicks.

  25. I have tasted these and they were amazing. Soft and yum. Thanks!