Bhindi Raita


I doubt if there's any one out there who dislikes Okra or Lady's finger or our very own Bhindi. I haven't met many, sorry any! It's a vegetable that is universally known, commonly accepted with grace and love in many cuisines worldwide. And in Indian homes, it makes a prominence with no compromises. Be it in South India or North India, it's a common vegetable you'll find in most Indian homes.

Both, DH and I are fond of Okra and we make it a point to buy it often, almost on every grocery shopping, at least once a week. Variations with Okra may be limited, but this vegetable surely has a distinctive flavor of it's own that makes it require minimal dressing.

This raita is a take from my mother's kitchen. Not often does she make this as she prefers a good subzi over this one. But this yogurt based dish was often whipped by her at parties where they made an elegant match for many other accompaniments, be it with rotis and parathas or flavored rice. The yogurt lover that I am, you can imagine the crave I have, which I can not resist when these are served.

Bhindi Raita


200 gm Okra or bhindi
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp chili powder


1 tsp oil
1 tsp mustard
A few sprigs of curry leaves


Wash and clean the okra. Allow it to dry on a kitchen towel. Ensure it's completely dry, else it make turn a little slimy while cooking. Chop the okra to small round pieces. Set them aside.

In a pan, heat a tbsp of oil. Add the chopped okra in the hot oil. Do not add any water during the cooking process. Add salt and sauté for few minutes till they soften. They may look slimy, but will reduce once removed from heat. Remove from heat when they look a little crispy. Let them cool.

Prepare the dressing. Take some yogurt in another bowl. Add a tbsp of water to make it a little thin if you like. That's how I like mine. Add in the salt, cumin and chili powder to taste. Whisk it. Add the fried okra to this spiced yogurt.

Make a tadka or to temper, heat a tsp of oil, add in the mustard and curry leaves. As it begins to splutter, remove from heat and add them to the okra in yogurt. Sprinkle a little chili powder on top and serve.

Ensure that the fried okra is cooled before adding into the yogurt. Else, it may turn the yogurt sour, unless you plan to serve it immediately. You may serve this at room temperature or even chill it.

The tempering can be changed. Use cumin seeds instead of mustard. Garnish with coriander leaves or add a dash of chili powder before serving.

I made this for our dinner the other day and we just loved it. The fried okra in mildly spiced yogurt has subtle and simple flavors with the tarka that adds all the glamor to this dish.

For all the mother's out there... Happy Mother's Day! A special Mother's Day wish to the lady of my life, my beloved amma. Happy Mother's Day Amma!


  1. Okra is my favorite veg.Love this bhindi raita looks very delicious.we call this as bendakaya perugu pachadi in telugu,one of my favorite yogurt chutneys.

  2. okra is my favorite vege..bindi raitha looks so delicious

  3. Never had okra...but I simply love how you prepare them! So yummy!

  4. Hi. I normally sprinkle some oil and bake the Okra till it's crispy. Love the click, it's beautiful with the sprinkle of red chili pwd, looks yumm.

  5. Slurp!That looks sooooooooooooooooooo good!!I am not a great fan of okra, cos i have'nt eaten a well prepared dish with it apart form a couple of them in which i like them....Any idea how to get rid of that sliminess?

  6. wow!!!!
    Looks delicious and very tempting :-)

  7. Hey Kiran, didn't know there's a similar version in Andhra too. Nice to know abt that.

    Pranis, I so much agree with you that okra is one of my fav vegetable too!

    Angie, you u must try Okra sometime. May be look for them in Indian stores. They are packed with health and flavors.

  8. Pari, I haven't tried baking them yet. I liked this idea and should try them sometime. I am sure I will love them.

    Shabs, the sliminess comes from cutting the okra. To reduce ensure that the vegetables, knife and chopping board is completely dry. Try not to use water to cook them, instead let them cook in their own moisture. You can also increase the oil content to fry them. The sliminess is generally during cooking process only. Once done, they will lose their sliminess. Hope that helps :)

    Thanks Aruna for appreciating! :)

  9. Luv okra in any form...luv this raita too...looks too gud. I can have it as such :)

  10. The raitha sounds refreshing specially in the summer heat. Love okra in all forms!!

  11. Such a gorgeous pic, just loved this one mallika..

  12. Thanks Sharmilee and Suma, this raita will go very well for the summer heat.

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  14. MD loved ur blog too :) Thanks a lot for visiting mine. The raita looks yum and the presentation is simply superb.

  15. I make this often and it is soooooooooooo yummy every time...!lovely pics!

  16. Subhashini & Sushma, thanks guys for loving this.
    Life is beautiful, thanks for hopping into my space and liking it.
    Hey Preeti, I too love this simple yum raita and crave for it often :)

  17. Mallika,

    I love okra in any form, your bhindi raita looks really nice, we call it kichadi. nice clicks too.

  18. Hey Swathi, which region do you belong to... I mean which part of our country is it called kichadi? Would love to know it. It may probably help me know my raita better!

  19. Hey, Love that okra raita..we have always had okra kadhi (seasoned okra yogurt soup)..I am sure the taste would be similar..fabulous pictures..

  20. this raita is definately new to me.Never thought you can make okra raita.Very innovative.Nice click.

  21. Beautiful photos! Great looking food, thanks!

  22. thats simply great one...BHindi raita wow...

  23. never thgt we can make raita with okra/bhindi too...okra/bhindi is my fav veggie...sound interesting...nice pics though...lovely....

  24. ohhhhh my lovely vendakka pachady :) !!!

  25. Omg, wat an elegant and super delicious raita..

  26. This dish looks so amazing!

  27. I too love this okra so much.. looks so yummy & Beautiful cliks too..

  28. Hi there...stumbled upon ur blog and this recipe of yours caught my attention...i tried it out and it came out brilliant :)
    following u