Coffee & Oreo Banana Ice cream


Banana Ice cream, yet again?

Okay, it’s delicious, and is different from the usual, so it’s here. With my previous posts on frozen banana ice creams, this one may draw similarities, but then its healthy, super quick and delicious. Needless to say, I make this cheat whipped-frozen-bananas or so-called-banana ice cream so often that I can’t tell you how much we enjoy it. Even my little one is sold into believing that this is an ice cream she should earn and doesn’t care when I present it in different forms, at times as pops, sometimes as slices, or even assorted like this one I have today. So it’s not just bananas always you see, but a way to get the bananas into her. An attempt to be a smarter mom to a witty kid! :D

This was not really an ice cream meant for my toddler, but a dessert made for the two of us to save the over ripe bananas. My daughter did enjoy a couple of scoops though and I didn’t mind the fact that she loved the mélange of coffee, chocolate cookies and bananas, a unique one to her inquisitive taste buds.

For me though, coffee is not really a drink I enjoy much, but I simply adore it in desserts, or anything cold. Call it a day with friends and I am in for a cold coffee any time. Likewise, a coffee walnut cake makes a perfectly celebratory dessert and a coffee ice cream is utterly sinful. And coffee makes the most beautiful match when paired with chocolate, converting anything to delicious. So it does justice to this ice cream too. Coffee, chocolate cookies and frozen bananas blitzed to a delicious concoction and frozen for an hour or two will render a delicious scoop of ice cream you will crave for more. Bananas are optional and render a creamy texture to this healthy ice cream. Replace with whipped cream or custard for a more decadent treat. Crushed Oreos give a nice chocolatey twist and a dash of roasted almonds bring in an element of nutty crunch.

Coffee and Oreo Banana Ice cream


2-3 overripe bananas, frozen
1 tsp. instant coffee powder
2 oreo biscuits, crushed roughly
1 tbsp. sugar (or as preferred to your taste)
1 tbsp. roasted almonds


Blitz the frozen bananas, oreo biscuits along with a teaspoon of instant coffee powder in a food processor. Add sugar to taste, and a tablespoon of milk to aid churning in case the bananas are too solid. Pause for a minute or two and blitz again until everything incorporates into a smooth paste and resembles the texture of an ice cream. Transfer the ice cream into a freezer proof container, crush an oreo biscuit into the ice cream along with chopped roasted almonds and place it in the freezer until you are ready to serve. To serve, remove the ice cream from the freezer and allow it to sit on counter for 5 minutes. Scoop out a dollop and serve with topping of additional crushed oreos and roasted almonds.


  1. I love this frozen banana icecream....i've been wanting to make it ever since I saw it sometime back....but apparently all the bananas at home gets over before I can think of freezing them...all banana loving monkeys at home ;-)

  2. nowadays iam attracting more 2 ice craems.ur pics r tempting more n love d combos here which u used..very delicious.

  3. What a combo ! Loved ur add ons...

  4. I am definitely making this one!! Beeing eyeing your ice creams here and this one seems super easy that gives me no more excuses to delay :) Will try this over the next few days and keep u posted Mallika! :)

  5. That sounds and looks so yummy :-)

  6. Healthy ice cream.. kids will love it

  7. Lovely ice cream. Love coffee and oreo, so I am sure this ice cream must have been a treat! Lovely photographs as usual!

  8. Oh these are yummy combination! I made coffee ice cream this year and absolutely in love. Next I need to experiment with adding other ingredients like you did! :)

  9. Droolworthy icecream,love to have few scoops rite now.

  10. This is such a healthy version for an ice cream. So dangerously delicious around me, who loves ice cream way too much :D

  11. Going to try this now :) . Will tell you how it turns out . Looks pretty interesting so trying this out :)

  12. Thanks Ajay, do let me know how it turns out to be :)