Cheese Swirl Brown Bread

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Cheese Swirl Brown Bread

How to make Cheese Swirl Brown Bread | Easy Cheese Brown Bread Recipe
What is it like to experience an earthquake under your feet? Feeling of tremors, panic attacks, the aftermath, heart beat thumping harder than anything else you have heard, home crumbling down to rubble, a piece of land that breaches to shatters, where uncertainly prevails, and much more??? I went through nearly the same plight the night day before.

It happens quite often that I drift away from my system unlocked while I attend to other household demands. This night too, like usual, I was part way through my blog when the clock announced it was time for dinner and hence I headed over to the kitchen to prep the table. Little had I known that I would soon be called for a shock. My little girl saw this as an apt moment of play to wiggle around the mouse and hover over a couple of blogger tabs. It threw me in jolts when I realized that a couple of playful clicks had led my painstakingly customized blog interface revert to plain ol' default layout. It may have been a matter of plain fortuity, but it costed me huge heart aches and couple of sleepless nights in return to see my space, my web home collapse to wreck, much like an earthquake. Or a web-quake?

More than a year ago, I completely revamped the look of my blog and customized it to my preference. It was an interface I loved thoroughly - a simple, 2 columned no frill plain Jane look. I worked through days and nights of editing CSS coding to get its final look. When I wished to go back to the backup file, a lot had been added and modified from my original layout. Over time, social icons and new widgets were added manually, which I had now lost them all.

Anyway, all of this comes as a blessing in disguise. I assume, this space needed a new look to kill that long held monotony. After hours of research and relearning CSS coding, I finally have just the right design and I like it every bit. I am still working through those petty modifications, but I am almost there. I hallowed through the past 48 hours untiringly to reconstruct this new look. Let me know, how you like it? Are you facing any issues? Drop your comments. Constructive, critical, whatever; I welcome them all.

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Beyond relearning the bits and pieces of long forgotten CSS coding that has kept me busy these couple of days, our summers have been good for now. Weather is warm and sun shines high up on almost every single day. One of the my favorite pastime this summer has been to rent books from the nearby library and read them by the porch. Apart from the usual splurge of novels, I have dug myself into couple of good cookbooks that have been quite instrumental in my kitchen during this vacation. One such inspirational cookbook that has kept me quite on my toes has been 'The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion'. A book that I have come to adore so much. Of the several recipes that I tried, tested and succeeded, this Cheese Bread has been my current favorite. Ofcourse with some minor changes to the basic recipe, here's my version of the same - cheese swirled into basic bread recipe. They are wonderful as sandwiches or open faced toasts with avocados, cucumbers, onions and lettuce.


Cheese Swirl Brown Bread

Inspired by 'The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion'


2 1/4 tsp. instant yeast
1/4 cup lukewarm water
1 cup lukewarm milk
1 1/4 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. butter or vegetable oil
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
2 tsp. Italian herbs
1 cup finely grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese


Combine all the ingredients except cheese and knead them together to form a smooth, pliable dough. Adjust the dough consistency with additional flour or water as needed. Cover and let it rise for atleast an hour or two, or till nearly doubled.

Transfer the dough to a well greased work surface and pat it into a 8"x 5" inch long rectangle. Combine both the cheeses in a separate bowl and spread it over the bread dough. Beginning from the closer end, roll the dough along with the cheese to form a tight roll. Pinch the seams together. Place the dough roll into a 9"x 5" inch baking pan, the seam side facing down. Allow to rise again for another 45 mins to an hour. Bake in the preheated oven at 350 deg F for 35 - 40 mins. Should the top brown too quickly, cover the top with aluminium foil and bake till the center sounds hollow. Allow to cool completely and then slice to serve.

Cheese Swirl Brown Bread Sandwich


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